Join the Play Live Challenge

Each year the best players in four categories are picked to play Magnus face to face. All you have to do is get a free account, play in the app and get on the global high scores list.


How do I qualify? 

All you have to do is get a free account in Play Magnus, play against Magnus and get on the global high scores list. Around 10 players will be contacted and given the chance to challenge the World Chess Champion live. See the rules and regulations for more details.

When and where will it be? 

The Play Live Challenge will be held at the end of each year in a surprise location. Details will be revealed on our website and social media channels in the months preceding the big event.

Past Play Live Challenge Events 

This will be Magnus’ fourth Play Live Challenge. For the past three years, we’ve flown players from all around the world to various locations to test their skills against the World Champion. So far, despite being burdened by a time handicap, Magnus hasn’t lost a game.

You can read more about the 2016 Play Live Challenge on our blog, and check out the video recap from 2017.