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Let's face it — sometimes blunders happen. You'll find answers and fixes for the most asked questions below. You can also contact us directly about Play Magnus and Magnus Trainer.

Magnus Trainer

My membership is gone! How can I restore it?

This might happen when you delete and reinstall the app. To restore your membership, open the "More" section of the app (in bottom right corner on the home screen), then select "Settings, then "Restore Purchases". You might have to completely restart the app for it to go into effect.

If this does not work please contact us here.


I've lost all my progress!

Were you logged in with your account or had connected to Facebook before you lost your progress? If so, try logging out and in again or reconnecting to Facebook.

If you weren't logged in or had connected to Facebook, we might not be able to recover it for you.

Play Magnus

My purchases are gone! How do I restore them?

Purchases made through either Google Play or App Store can be restored. Log in to Play Magnus, open Settings (the cog icon) from the start screen, then select "Restore Purchases". You might have to completely restart the app for it to go into effect.

If this does not work please contact us here.

My Brain Power is gone! How do I restore it?

Your Brain Power is connected to your Play Magnus account. You can restored it by logging in with your account on any of your devices.

Can I choose to start with white or black pieces?

No. To make things as fair as possible for all players on the leaderboards and competing for the Play Live Challenge, you are assigned a random color.

How does the Export game as pgn-file feature work?

A text string with your game in the pgn format is copied to the clipboard of your device. You can then paste it into your email app and send it to yourself or others, or you can paste it into any other app in the same way you copy and paste text normally.

Why can't I play timed games?

In a timed game, the app would play stronger chess on a fast device than on a slow device, because it would be able to calculate deeper in the same amount of time. Because points earned in the app help users qualify for the Play Magnus Live Challenge, we want the difficulty to be the same on any device. We have therefore designed the app to play exactly the same moves on any device, regardless of hardware speed. This means that it will play slower on slow devices.

Why does Magnus never resign or accept draw offers?

It does, just not at the lower levels. We believe that beginners and intermediate players benefit from always playing the game to the bitter end. It is very common for beginners to build up a big material advantage, but fail to find a checkmate, and eventually end up stalemating the opponent.

Can I use different chess pieces?

Yes. When you are playing a game, open game options (icon in the top right corner). Select "Change Pieces & Boards", and select the pieces you want.

I’ve found a bug!

Sorry to hear that! Send us some more details here or check out the Facebook page and see if anyone else has had the same issue. 

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