11 January 2023

It's You Against the Chess World!

Of all the brand-new mini-games featured in the Magnus Chess Academy, Challenge the World is probably the least ground-breaking. Nevertheless, it is crucial for anyone's chess improvement, as chess mastery demands the perfect combination of theory and practice.

The Challenge the World mini-game offers you an opportunity to play with fellow chess fans from all over the world. It is an exciting way of putting your newly acquired skills to the test and getting a feel of how rapidly you improve your game. This highly sought-after feature has been requested for a long time and is one of the few ways Magnus Chess Academy is more social than the previous Play Magnus apps.

As of now, Challenge the World supports the following time controls:

  • Rapid: 15 minutes per game
  • Rapid: 10 minutes per game
  • Blitz: 5 minutes per game
  • Blitz: 3 minutes per game and 2 seconds per move
  • Blitz: 3 minutes per game
  • Bullet: 1 minute per game

Even if you don't have much free time, you can feel the adrenaline rush through your veins by playing chess against human opponents in Magnus Chess Academy. Show them what you are made of!

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