14 December 2022

Do You Have An Ace Up Your Sleeve?

Ace In The Sleeve is one of the seven mini-games featured in our brand-new Magnus Chess Academy app. It was first brought to public attention in November 2022 during the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals.

The mini-game is unique and makes you think outside the box. You get served a random-looking chess position and a few pieces of both colors. Your goal is to place the pieces so that the opponent's king gets checkmated. The more puzzles you solve within the allocated timeframe, the better.

The difficulty grows gradually as the number of pieces increases. With one piece to place, the puzzles should be solvable by beginners. However, with three pieces at your disposal, even the reigning World Chess Champion starts having a tough time on some occasions:

Ace In The Sleeve is immersive, captivating, and challenging. After a couple of playing sessions, you feel like your brain has had a rewarding workout!

Also, it is beneficial for your chess since being successful at the game requires having a solid grasp of how to make your pieces cooperate optimally and set up checkmate on the board using the resources available.

Interested in crunching some numbers? Here are some of the results of the Grandmasters who were lucky enough to try out Ace In The Sleeve during the tour before anyone else:

Christopher Yoo - 72

Anish Giri - 69

Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa - 66

Magnus Carlsen - 39

Wesley So - 30

Try out the game and let us know how well you perform!

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